Sydni & Stephen

Antelope Island



Sydni & Stephen are honestly the cutest couple ever, so I figured it’s FINALLY time to get their session posted. When we first met at Antelope Island, they were running a tiny bit late, so I knew we would have less time to get some great photos. But they were such naturals, and the lighting was honestly so beyond perfect that I am glad we started a little late. We got that gorgeous golden hour sunlight, and with the water and unique landscape Antelope Island provides, this session was all any of us could’ve asked for and more! The one down side were the bugs… Holy smokes they were everywhere. Before the shoot, I advised them to bring some bug spray, and I was planning on bringing some too, but of course, we all forgot. Typical me! So we were literally getting eaten alive the whole time. About 30 minutes in, some kind people offered to let us use their bug spray and they were our saviors. The bugs were still everywhere though! So these two were major troopers, smiling and acting natural while bugs were swarming us. Note to self: Don’t go to Antelope Island when the weather starts getting warmer!

I also didn’t even have to pose them at all! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to pose and make everyone look good, but these two just started hugging each other and sitting down and doing everything I would’ve asked them to do anyway. They were so natural in front of the camera, and made my job so easy. We wouldn’t have even needed more than the 45 minutes we got because they were so easy to work with. They also brought two outfits so we were able to get some variety and different colors, which I always think is so fun!

I honestly can’t get over these photos, and had the greatest time with these two. They were such a blessing to work with and I can’t wait for you to see! Thanks Sydni and Stephen for making this session a complete joy and for choosing me to capture these moments for you. You guys are seriously the best!



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