So you have a session coming up, and the question floating around in your (and everyone else’s) mind is “What on earth do I wear?”

Whether it’s a family session, an engagement session, portrait, or couples session, outfits can be hard! But that’s what I’m here to help with. My first, and most important rule is this: WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. No matter what else you read in this blog post or style guide, wear what makes you feel good because when you feel good, you’ll rock your shoot.

For a detailed style guide, scroll dooooown to the bottom. Otherwise, keep reading for some quick tips.

Okay, now that we have that first rule covered, here are some quick tips for figuring out what to wear. As well as what not to wear.


Rule 1: Yes, we already went over this, but we are going to do it again. Yes, it is that important. And yes, we will review it again. Wear something that you feel good in. You should look and feel like a million bucks because you deserve it! I’ll also allow you to bring two outfits. Not only because it adds variety, but because if you’re in one outfit and during the shoot we just feel like it’s not really working, you can switch to your second outfit and keep rocking it.

Rule 2: Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and like yourself. “Break in” your clothes so that they are comfy and help you feel totally confident. If you’ve worn it before, you’ll know how it feels and looks, which will just be one less thing to worry about during your session.


1: Your outfit should fit “just right” and should be comfy. If it’s too large, it will make you look larger and overwhelmed. Similarly, if it’s too small, you’ll still look larger than you are (think skin overhanging your pants). You’ll also have to deal with pulling your pants up, or your shirt down every two seconds, which let’s be real, is a pain and does not make you feel hot. Keep in mind that safety pins or a belt can make something that maybe doesn’t fit perfectly, look perfect.

2: Show what you love and hide what you don’t. If you don’t like your arms, don’t wear a strapless top. If you don’t like your legs, don’t wear a mini skirt. Highlight what you love about yourself.

3: Wear something weather appropriate! If your session is in the winter-wear something warm! Bundle up with a jacket or cute scarf. If your session is in the heat-wear something that won’t show sweat and will keep you cool. If your session is on a beach, we’ll probably take our shoes off and maybe wade in the water a little bit. But, if your session is in the mountains, we’ll most likely keep our shoes on. Make sure you match with the others at your session too! If you’re wearing a sweater and are all bundled up, others probably shouldn’t be wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

4: COLORS! Colors are key. I love both light and dark colors, but keep your skin tone in mind. If you have pale skin, avoid pale yellows or greens. People with dark hair look great in jewel tones, and people with light hair look stunning in earth tones. In general though, I love earth tones on everyone-colors like navy blue, mustard yellow, burnt orange, army green, blush, and Neutrals!! Neutrals like gray, tan, white and black always work, so if you’re in doubt, go with a neutral.

5: When it comes to patterns, simple is best. Floral and bohemian patterns always look great, but keep in mind that not everyone should be wearing a busy pattern. Try to keep it balanced and have one person in something plain if the other person is wearing a busy pattern.

6: Accessories can bring an entire outfit together. Some suggestions are: flower crown, floppy or felt hat, beanie, jacket, simple necklace, earrings, or rings. Just keep in mind, large jewelry or big watches can distract from your lovely faces, so try to avoid large and distracting accessories.

7: I love props! But make sure it is of sentimental value to you, or something you use in every day life. Some suggestions are-blankets, instruments, canoe or kayak if we are going to water, picnic basket, books, your favorite food, or a bouquet. Fur babies are also welcome! Just be sure to bring snacks and a friend to handle them.

8: For the guys, button up shirts always look great, and long pants are usually more slimming than shorts. Also, please don’t wear white socks!


Well there you have it! You are now fashion experts. If you want any more guidance, or details, check out my guide below…

style guide

I can’t wait for your session and know you are going to look amazing. And as promised, never forget rule number 1: wear something that makes you feel good!





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