Rock Canyon Park

Utah Portrait Photographer

Oh my goodness, I love this girl! Kelsey and I met our freshman year of college at BYU and have been friends ever since. She is so full of life and is unashamedly herself. I remember countless dance parties in her dorm room, and stealing mini m&m’s from the dorm cafeteria to eat throughout the week. Yes, mini m&m’s are way better than normal ones and I will always stand by that statement. We became close friends when we were taking an American Heritage class together. We would meet up in class, sit together, then go get lunch afterwards. Maybe it was struggling through the class together, or maybe it was the food (I feel like both are things that bring people together), but she became a friend that I knew I could always rely on and now almost 4 years later it’s still true.

After spending some time at BYU, she transferred to study to become a Dental Hygienist and now she is graduating! I cannot believe how driven and smart she is, and I would know because she has cleaned my teeth before and they were the best cleanings I’ve ever gotten! So when she asked me to take her graduation photos, I was beyond excited.

We went to Rock Canyon Park together, and I wasn’t completely sure how the photos were going to turn out because the air has been awful. There are so many wildfires and the smoky air has just been settling into the valley. The photos turned out amazing though! The smoke helped ease the harsh light, and gave a warm tone to all the photos.

I’m so proud of you Kelsey, and can’t wait to see what you do next.



  1. Allison Morin says:

    YASSS QUEEN ❤️😍 Tami this pictures are amazing!

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