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Weddings. Portraits. Families. Couples. There are so many people I meet and get to work with each month. And each session is always a little bit different. But recently I was asked what my favorite type of session was. The answer was quick and easy, but the explanation… well there’s a little bit more to that.

My all time favorite sessions are with my couples. But specifically, their formal sessions when it’s a few weeks before their wedding day and they get all dressed up in white dresses and new suits. There is something so special in the air during these sessions. Even more special than the feeling at engagement sessions. The amount of love in the air, and the excitement that couples just radiate makes everything about these sessions so full of joy. I’m also obsessed with first looks which usually happen during these formal sessions!! I’m pretty sure I get just as giddy and excited as the bride and groom. And I definitely drag out the moments until the groom is allowed to turn around, sorry not sorry!! So, to highlight some of my favorite sessions, and some of the amazing couples I’ve gotten to work with, I thought I would share some of my all time favorite photos.


| Jodi & Shea |

These two had the sweetest, most joy filled formal and first look session I have ever experienced. We went to the Utah State Capitol Building because it was pouring rain and we wanted some cover to protect ourselves. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m ALL about rain sessions! And during this shoot, we ventured out for a little bit. I got soaked, we were all a little cold, but these two were so happy the whole time that no one even cared!



| Sydni & Stephen |

Okay, I mean right off the bat, LOOK AT THESE TWO!!! This formal session was so dreamy and natural. I had gotten to meet these two and take their photos during their engagement session (blog post here) so I already knew they were one of the most photogenic couples I have ever met! But when I got them in one of my favorite locations, seeing each other in their wedding clothes for the first time, it was pure magic. They were radiating with love, and all I had to do was be in the right place to capture it.



| Jill & Bryson |

I have known Jill since our freshman year of college, so getting to do her first look and formal session was so exciting for me! This was one of the first big snows of the season, and I was so excited to take advantage of it. It was literally snowing during this session though, which meant LOTS of car breaks where we all hopped in, blasted the heater until we started to feel our fingers again, then hopped out and took more photos until we lost the feeling again. It was crazy, and cold, but a great excuse for them to do lots of cuddling, and I mean, just look at Bryson’s face when he saw Jill for the first time! (insert heart eye emoji here)



| Maren & John |

This couple was so special and unique! I met Maren in an English class I was taking in college, and mentioned I did photography. As soon as she reached out to ask about me doing her photos, I was so excited because I knew they were going to have such an organic, special wedding. Fun fact: Maren’s mom hand-made Maren’s wedding dress!!(Obviously a detail pic was required, you’re welcome) These two, like so many couples during their first look and formal session, were FULL of smiles!! Like, the only way I could get them to do anything but smile, was to tell them to kiss. I had so much fun adventuring on new trails at Tibble Fork Reservoir with these two, and it was just another one of my favorite sessions on a beautiful evening.

Now that you know what my favorite type of session is, let’s plan one!! If you’re a couple planning on getting engaged or married soon, email me on the contact page so that we can plan out a joy-filled, dreamy formal session because let’s be real, I’ll never get enough of them.



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