Utah Family Photographer

A while back, I got the chance to do a giveaway for a mini family session and I’m so glad the King Family won!! They are the cutest little family, and were so down to venture out into the snow a little bit. When we planned the session, we were thinking the snow was mostly done, but as soon as we got there, little white flakes started to fall! Since the session was only 30 minutes, we all toughed it out, and it made for the most magical photos. Their little one, Jackson, wasn’t the happiest with sitting still and smiling, so we just let him explore a little and it paid off! When it comes to family sessions, I love the lifestyle feel. I usually just let you guys do your thing, give you a little guidance, and then take some photos at the same time. It makes for such natural photos that really capture the personalities of your little ones.

I’m in love with these photos, not only because of the all the sweet moments we captured, but because of the green tones, with the snow falling through the air, and the sunlight cutting through it all to brighten things up. Winter might be cold, but the air was clear, and everything worked perfectly to get some magical photos.

Even though this session was only 30 minutes long, we got so many fun and cute pictures! We even got a chance to sneak a few photos without Jackson in them, while he explored in the grass close to us. So moral of the story, even if you think your little one is too small, or won’t really smile, you won’t regret doing a family session anyway! We can capture their personality, let them explore a little, and make it a fun family date. If you’re still not sure, scroll down to see for yourself!




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