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This wedding was perfect from start to finish. Allie and Austin are the cutest couple ever and totally lived in the moment all day long. Wedding days can be stressful and full of unplanned things, but these two rolled with whatever happened and enjoyed every moment to the fullest. We started the day with some getting ready photos which were so fun! There’s something about being surrounded by all your guys or girls as you start the biggest day of your life. When I went to the ceremony area, I was so happy to see the “unplugged” sign. An unplugged ceremony is one where all the guests turn off their phones, and allow the photographer to take the photos. This helps me so much! Everyone wants to capture the moment, but many times when they are doing this, they can get in the actual photographers way and be distracting. By having an unplugged ceremony, I am able to do my job in the best way possible, and everyone else can be fully present and enjoy the moment.

These two had a beautiful ceremony and such a fun reception to follow. It was full of funny, yet sentimental toasts, and lots and LOTS of dancing! These two were not afraid to get on the dance floor and start the party. The venue was completely stunning in every way I’m so grateful I got to be a part of their big day. Weddings are my passion and I honestly always get emotional at some point during the day because there are so many joyful emotions and something about two people committing themselves to each other forever just gets straight to my heart.

Allie and Austin, thank you so much for bringing me into your circle of friends and family to capture the sweet, fun moments your day was filled with.



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