A while back, when I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram, I decided to do a giveaway. Emily and Corbin were the winners and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT!! It was one of my last sessions before I moved to Washington and officially re-branded as a Washington Photographer, and it was so incredibly fun. We were laughing the entire time, running around, getting a little cold, but also having such an incredible time!! Don’t you worry though, they let me use their blanket when they weren’t sitting on it to wrap around myself and stay warm! Yes, they were honestly the best.

One of my favorite things about this session, was that when we were talking about locations, I told them I had a location in mind that I’ve been wanting to go to, but that I hadn’t actually done a session there and didn’t have example photos. Despite this, they were so down to go explore it with me and it was so WORTH IT!!! The mountains in the background, the lake, the trees and the long gravel roads were honestly so perfect!! Emily and Corbin also NAILED their outfits. So, if you need engagement session outfit ideas or inspiration, look at their photos!! Seriously, please look. Because they killed it.

Now that I’m in Washington, re-starting and finding new clients, I’m dying to find locations like this! I am so excited for this new start though, and all you Utah people, don’t be afraid to reach out still. I LOVE to travel, and will always do whatever I can to make it work! Emily and Corbin, thank you for being so willing to try all my crazy, silly ideas, and for being such incredible human beings. I’ll miss you so much!!




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