Hi there friends! As you may have noticed, I have re-branded and moved!! I’m no longer based in Utah because I have moved to Tacoma, Washington!!! I am SO EXCITED!! This is where I grew up, and where my photography journey originally started, so being back is honestly just like going home after a long time.

So why did I make the big move? For as long as I can remember, Washington has always been where I wanted to end up and have my life. While being in Utah was great, my life underwent a TON of big changes. So many, that being back home was all I could think about. I also reached a point in my life where I felt ready to have a fresh start, and I figured, if I’m starting anew, why not do it in Washington where I want to end up anyway? So, I took the jump and now I’m here!

I’ll be completely honest, starting my business here is scary and makes me feel very inadequate. “I won’t be able to do it,” “people won’t like my work here,” and “this was a huge mistake” are all thoughts that run through my head every day. But then I remember, I started this business because I love taking photos of people and capturing emotions and memories. As long as I can keep doing that, everything else will be okay.

From washington weddings, to families, to couples and individuals, I can’t wait to start meeting people here and if you’re a fellow washingtonian, please reach out and let’s plan something!! If you’re in Utah though (or anywhere else), still don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m always, always, ALWAYS down to travel and LOVE meeting new people all over the world.

To finish this post off, here are some pictures of me and my 1 1/2 year old pup so you know the girl who’s sitting behind her computer, writing this at 10:15 in the evening, and the doggo who is sound asleep next to her (fails included).



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