Kate and Aaron are honestly some of the best, kindest people I have ever met. When I first met them for this session, we immediately all clicked and it became one of my favorite sessions ever! Not just because of the gorgeous photos, but because spending time with these two uplifted me, and made me so happy.

We had the session at one of my favorite ever locations: Tibble Fork Reservoir. We started up in the trees and the light was hitting PERFECTLY!!! We got amazingly stunning golden hour photos and with Kate’s veil, and the cute way they would look at each other, I was immediately in photographer heaven. We continued by exploring to a new area that I had never been to before and finished down by the water. This location is honestly so diverse that it blows me away every time! From pine trees, to mountains, to water, to fields, you just really can’t go wrong at Tibble Fork.

Another one of my favorite things from this session (and their wedding) is that they are from the PNW (Pacific Northwest) just like ME!!! As many of you know, I am now based in Washington, but at the time, I was still in Utah and being with people from my home area was so rejuvenating! It made me so excited to be back in this area.

Kate and Aaron, thank you so much for being such kind, fun people and for trusting me with all my crazy ideas and silly prompts. I have enjoyed every minute I’ve gotten to spend with you, and you’re truly amazing people. I wish you the best in everything, and am grateful to have gotten to know you and be a part of such an important part of your lives.



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