Conquering Grad School (or at Least Trying to) With These Grad School Tips Utah Based Business Owner | Female-owned Starting my MBA has me feeling like I’m slowly losing my mind… but in a good way? Okay okay… I knew that when I started my MBA while working full-time and growing my business that I […]

HOME SWEET HOME WASHINGTON PHOTOGRAPHER Hi there friends! As you may have noticed, I have re-branded and moved!! I’m no longer based in Utah because I have moved to Tacoma, Washington!!! I am SO EXCITED!! This is where I grew up, and where my photography journey originally started, so being back is honestly just like […]

Utah Wedding Photographer Weddings. Portraits. Families. Couples. There are so many people I meet and get to work with each month. And each session is always a little bit different. But recently I was asked what my favorite type of session was. The answer was quick and easy, but the explanation… well there’s a little […]

Hi, I’m Tamara Jennings.   But all my friends call me Tami. I was born in Japan, but grew up in Tacoma, Washington. Any other Washingtonians reading this?? I was based in Utah for about 2 years, but am now back in the PNW and I could not be happier about it! I’m also an […]